Are NetEnt Slots? The Truth of Online Slots

Do you have a feeling like your losing streak at the online casino is as a result of a rigged slot? This claim is common with online casinos with players casting doubt over the legitimacy of the online casinos such as at . Below is a description of how online casinos operate to ensure fairness.

History of Slot Machines

Before the upsurge of online slot machines, traditional and mechanical slot machines were the order of the day still available at . With the mechanical slot machines, a player had to pull the lever to get the combinations displayed through the screen on the slot machine. A similar pattern with the symbols on the screen indicated a win.

With the launching of the NetEnt casino software in 1996, it sparked a change in how gamblers gambled online. With electronic slot machines, it provided a different ball game altogether. Instead of pulling a level to generate a winning combination, there were motors in place which generated the symbols for the winning combination.

What About Return to Player?

As part of the overall operations of the online casinos, there are the payout percentages in case a player strikes the jackpot. Since the system works purely on algorithms, so does the payout system. This is through the rate of return to player which is available at the online casino that features with the slot machines.

How RTP Affects Your Winnings

The return to player refers to the percentage of all the winnings which a player expects to win back the sum of the money wagered with the slot machine. With a high RTP rate, it means you get to keep a higher percentage of your winnings for wagered money at the online casino

Random Number Generator

As part of its commitment to ensuring fairness with the slot machines, NetEnt issues a Random Number Generator will all their slot machines. With the Random Number Generator, it ensures the creation of random results each time you take to spin the reels. This ensures you have the chance of winning at any point

How Does RNG Work?

The RNG forms part of a written code which is part of the architecture of the slot machine by NetEnt. The RNG creates a series of random numbers which is fed to the slot machine that translates to random results with the slot machine. The slot machine displays a series of numbers on the screen.


Licensing of Fair Games

The way which the slots work relates much when it comes to the theory, however the concept that the software developer takes charge of all the payouts, it casts a doubt over their legitimacy. It raises the question will the software developer make a slot machine that pays more or less to the player?

When it comes to the online market, there are numerous suppliers who are releasing new casino games for maximum control and maximizing profit. How can you rely on their software developer to maintain its legitimacy? This is the point where regulatory bodies step in to exercise their licensing powers within the software developers.

How Can I Tell When a Casino Offers a Fake NetEnt Slot Game?

With the popularity of NetEnt casino games across masses, there has been a mass of dishonest casinos offering the fake version of the games. With the fake versions, it features rigged slots that prevents the player from reaching their winning potential at the casino. The casinos further feature low RTP rates for the casino games.

How Can i Tell a Legit NetEnt Game?

The best part about all NetEnt casino games is that they feature all license information as part of public information which is displayed through the website of the casino. There are regulatory bodies such as UK Gambling Commission that regulate the website content. This provides an added layer of safety for the players at the casino.